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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve listed some commonly asked questions below, if you can’t find the info you need on our website, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Unless it is an open sewer, there are no trees that can enter plastic pipes. Only very old, almost obsolete terracotta pipes are penetrable. Around open sewerage ground covers and rockery plants are ideal. Bottlebrushes are most common and a great feature in a clump.
Any low growing plants, groundcovers and shrubs are ideal for they usually have less invasive roots and will not affect footings. and paths. Gum trees (except ficifolia), Elders and Willows are not recommended for feature trees too close to the house. Plant a minimum of 10 metres away from the house.

For a tall, boundary hedges the following plants are most suitable:

Cypresses-Castlewellan Gold, Leighton’s Green, Silver Dust
Photinia robusta
Pittosporums (all varieties) (plant 3 metres apart)
For small hedges:
Lingustrum andulatim,
Lonicera nitida
Diosma (all varieties)
(plant 3  metres apart)
Westringia(all varieties) (plant 1 metre apart)
English Box (all varieties)
Hebe Buxifolia
Tall trees:
all gums and wattles (3×3 metres)
Cypresses (Lambertiana) ( 5×5 metres)
Medium trees:
smaller gums and wattles (3×3 metres apart)
Cypresses (Castlewellan Gold, Leighton’s Green, Silver Dust ) (5×5 metres apart)
Photinias,Pittosporums (3×3 metres apart)
Lucerne trees.
Small bushes:
Bottlebrushes (3×3 metres apart)
Tea -trees
all small and bushy shrubs
All plants need at least a little light some time. But best plants to use in this situation are Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Camellias, Arnarum montana, Saxifragra and Daphne.
Manchurian Pear  (red, orange, purple,  yellow)
Liquidamber styraciflua (red, orange, purple, yellow)
Smoke- bush (red, orange)
Japanese Maples (red, orange, yellow)
Sugar Maples (red)
Silver Maples (yellow)
Red Canadian Maple (deep, dark red)
Scarlet Oak (scarlet)
Claret Ash, Golden Ash
Golden Elm
Tulip Trees (golden)
Acacia Eucalyptus
Ac. Howittii (Sticky) Euc. Botriodes (Bangalay  Mahogany)
Ac. Iteaphylla (Flinders Ranges) Euc. Camaldulensis (Red Gum)
Ac. Longifolia (Sydney Golden) Euc. Cladocalyx Nana
Ac. Melanoxylon (Blackwood) Euc. Forrestiana (Fuchsia Gum)
Ac. Pycnantha (Golden) Euc. Macrandra (Long-Flowering Moort)
Ac. Retinodes (Wirilda) Euc. Maculata (Spotted)
Euc. Microcarpa (Grey Box)
Callistemon Euc. Occidentalis (Swamp Yate)
Cal. Citrinus (Crimson) Euc. Sargentii (Salt River Gum)
Cal. Viminalis (Weeping) Euc. Sideroxylon (Iron Bark)
Casuarina (Sheoak) Leptospernum
Cas. Cunninghamiana (River) Lep. Lanigerum (Woolly Tea Tree)
Cas. Glauca (Swamp)
Cas. Stricta (Weeping)
Melaleuca (Paper Barks) Kunza Baxteri
Mel. Armillaris (Bracelet Honey Myrtle
Mel. Decussata (Cross-Leaved)
Mel. Halmaturorum (Kangaroo Island)
Mel. Squamea
In most cases if there is a problem, the landowner will be approached  and offered funding via the local Landcare group.  If this has not occurred, the landowner should approach the Landcare group him/herself.  Details about local Landcare groups can be obtained from your local shire offices.
Eucalyptus  melliodora (Yellow Box) 15 + years
Eucalyptus microcarpa (Grey Box) 15 + years
Eucalyptus polyanthemos (Red Box) 15 + years
Eucalyptus camadulensis (Red Gum) 10-15 years
Eucalyptus cladocalyx (Sugar Gum) First cut 10-15 years Second cut 10-15 years
Eucalyptus globulus (Blue Gum) First cut 10 years Second cut 12-15 years
Acacia mearnsii (Black Wattle) 5-10 years
Acacia melonoxylon (Blackwood) 15 + years
Casuarina cunninghamania (River Sheoak) 10 + years
Casuarina littoralis (Black Sheoak) 10 + years
Casuarina verticulata-syn stricta (Dryland Drooping Sheoak) 10 + years

The time it takes a tree to grow to harvestable size is a guide only, depending on soil fertility, weather conditions and pest control.  If the soil is ripped, the weeds sprayed and the tree is watered when needed for at least the first year, the goals are easily achievable

If you have any other questions, please contact us