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It’s the end of bare rooted season for 2018 and it has been amazing. There are still a few roses available at a discount of 30% but they won’t last long and the remaining tree stock has been potted to grow on for sale at a later date. Thanks to all the growers and our customers for making this a bumper season and we look forward to doing it all again in 2019!!

This year at Avalon Nursery we are having our biggest bare rooted season ever.  With well over 600 varieties across our rose, fruit and ornamental ranges we are sure to have something perfect for your garden and orchard.

Our dedicated quality growers have been working hard to fill our orders and we now have a fantastic range in stock so please come and visit and take advantage of our great discount offer.

Taking care of bare rooted plants is critical to their success and it is important to plant them as soon as possible on getting them home.  For more information on caring for and planting bare rooted plants head to the ABC gardening web site for a fact sheet.

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