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Weeping Cherries


Weeping Cherries! 330mm pots 1.8 graft Falling Snow & Cheals $85 each 300mm pots 1.2 graft Falling Snow & Cheals $50 each All a fantastic size!

Weeping Cherries2019-01-24T10:57:20+10:00

English Lavender


    English Lavender 6 inch pots only $7.50 English Lavender is a hardy plant with a strong and beautiful scent.  It is low maintenance and requires very little attention.  

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Nandina Moon Bay 6 inch pot only $7.50


Nandina Moon Bay 6" pot only $7.50 The Nandina Moon Bay grows to approx. 750mm x 750mm.  It is a tough and hardy plant that copes well in both hot and cold.  It requires well draining soil and very little maintenance. It also transitions through yellow, bright green to different shades of red and burgundy

Nandina Moon Bay 6 inch pot only $7.502018-11-02T13:49:48+10:00